Dana White says USADA CEO ‘went full Britney Spears’ after UFC split: ‘He lost his mind’

As the UFC’s relationship with USADA lapses and the advancement compromises legitimate activity against its long-lasting enemy of doping accomplice, Dana White is disavowing the matter.

“Tune in, what will be will be, they did what they whited,” told journalists in Las Vegas on Friday (through The Macintosh Life). “Furthermore, contemplate this, isn’t that so? They’re in a business where they’re hoping to get different games associations. They were with us for quite some time. We helped set them up for life. They assisted us with building an amazing system. This is the way in which you will cut off your friendship with us? Who else could believe should work with these folks after that?

“Not me. In this way, it doesn’t make any difference to me. We’re continuing on, and best of luck to them.”

White’s pompous remarks covered off a thrill ride week that saw the eight-year organization between the UFC and USADA basically burst into flares.

In a dazzling move, USADA President Travis Tygart declared on Wednesday that December 2023 will stamp the last month of the UFC-USADA organization. As per an assertion from Tygart, “the connection among USADA and UFC became unsound given the proclamations made by UFC pioneers and others scrutinizing USADA’s principled position that McGregor not be permitted to battle without being in the testing pool for something like a half year.”

Tygart said the UFC “did a turn around” in regards to its relationship with USADA in a Monday call and told MMA Battling in a different meeting that albeit the UFC didn’t request an exclusion for McGregor, “they without a doubt could have done without the assertions we made.”

Tygart’s remarks incited a quick and enraged reaction from UFC authorities. White tore USADA’s activities as a “grimy slime ball move” on Thursday. UFC boss business official Tracker Campbell and hostile to doping dictator Jeff Novitzky consequently declared that the UFC is compromising lawful activity against USADA for maligning, with Campbell requesting the counter doping association issue a conventional withdrawal and conciliatory sentiment by Thursday night because of what he portrayed as “revolting, upsetting … material distortions” made by Tygart.

Campbell and Novitzky likewise revealed plans for the UFC to cooperate with Medication Free Game Global toward the start of 2024 to proceed with its enemy of doping program, with previous FBI specialist George Piro handpicked to lead the drive as an autonomous overseer.

In an explanation to MMA Battling on Thursday following the joint question and answer session with Campbell and Novitzky, Tygart said, “We stand by our proclamation and our validity.”

At the point when asked on Friday, White essentially wondered about Tygart’s reaction throughout the last week.

“Tune in, this person went full Britney Lances and flew off the handle,” White said. “Prepare. You’re presumably going to see this person on Instagram hitting the dance floor with blades most likely in the close to weeks or something like that. He went crazy, he flew off the handle, and what will be will be. It’s whatever.”

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